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A) organelle, tissue, biosphere, ecosystem, population, organism B) cell, community, population, organ system, molecule, organelle C) organism, community, biosphere, molecule, tissue, organ D) ecosystem, cell, population, tissue, organism, organ system E) molecule, cell, organ system, population, ecosystem, biosphere Answer: E Topic: Concept 1.1 Skill: Knowledge/Application 4) A localized group of organisms that belong to the same species is called a A) biosystem. A) single-celled organism; multicellular organism B) single organelle; organism C) organelle; organ system D) single tissue; multicellular organism E) tissue; organism Answer: A Topic: Concept 1 .1 Skill: Knowledge/Application 7) Which of these is a correct representation of the hierarchy of biological organization from least to most complex? E) a computer generated map of the interaction of genes and cytoplasm in a prokaryotic cell. D) organ system-for example, the reproductive system. Read More

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