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And whilst war is far from exciting, you being someone’s military penpal is something that can help them through the war.So, as mentioned the best way to get a military pen pal is to date someone in the military.

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When Thomas’s email pinged into my inbox, I felt a surge of excitement for the first time in a long time. Earlier in the day, my roommate had invited me to join her and some friends that evening at a bar.

Though I had acquiesced, my desire to go out waned as the day wore on.

And maybe with less paparazzi around…) You might think that dating someone in the military is trying because they have to go away and their schedules can be hectic. It’s also true that being away from each other from time to time can lead to appreciating each other more when you are together. And whilst away you get to write each other ridiculously romantic letters.

Having a military pen pal means you have to communicate through texts, emails and letters.

I was surprised when his email arrived the next day. ”Even though I was happy to hear from him, texting wasn’t something I used conversationally.

I figured his type wouldn’t follow up so soon but would play it cool and maybe casually ask about me days later, if at all. And yes, he can have my phone number.”Everything started out so normally. I only did so out of necessity, conveying snippets of information as quickly as possible, such as: “I’m running late for dinner.

The truth is, to support someone in the military is not something you should take lightly - whilst they are away at training camps and overseas at war, a word from a loved one can mean the world to them. And the best way to find military pen pals to write to is to start dating someone in the military.

Whilst it’s nice for them to attend an event with Timberlake or Kunis by their side, what most of them want by the end of the day is someone by their side to support them and encourage them along the way.

Despite this being the 21st century, I still heard my mother’s admonishing voice in my head, telling me I should never be the first to call a man, and I assumed texting followed roughly the same rules. I gave him a deadline (only in my mind, of course) of that Friday, but yet again I left a little open pocket in my schedule, as I had grown accustomed to doing for the previous two months. And just like always, here came his email inquiring about my weekend plans.

In this same old-school way, I would leave holes in my schedule every weekend that would be large enough for an actual face-to-face date with him, should he ever decide to suggest one. I told him my plans: dinner out on Saturday night and a hike on Sunday. And now, seven years after that, we have two children, two careers and one life together.

You may have seen Dear John and thought to yourself that you wanted one of those romantic love letters he sent his girlfriend.

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