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Investigation Report has been closed because the device has contacted our Monitoring Center 3 times or less in the year since the theft was reported to us.

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Your device is connecting to the Internet from within your home or organization's network.

We have contacted you and asked you to locate the device, and are awaiting your reply.

Once sufficient evidence is collected, it will be provided to the investigating police officer.

Recovery of the stolen device depends on how often it connects to the Internet, capacity of local law enforcement, speed of court approvals for search warrants and subpoenas, and other factors.

Your stolen device has not yet contacted our Monitoring Center.

To contact our Monitoring Center, it must first connect to the Internet. Once it contacts our Monitoring Center, we will begin compiling evidence to provide to law enforcement to assist with the recovery. Following are a few examples of why a device might not contact our Monitoring Center immediately after the theft occurs: Your device was reported stolen in one country but is now connecting to our Monitoring Center from a different country where cross-jurisdictional law enforcement cooperation is not feasible.

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But the transparency about how we do things is still the same!

If you have already responded and this status is still displayed, please disregard as your information will be processed shortly.

We have contacted you and asked you for additional information, and are awaiting your reply.

Your device has stopped contacting our Monitoring Center for an extended period of time.

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