Live housewife sex dating phone number - Acorn intimidating voters

Atlas is clearly sympathetic to ACORN, but he lets the facts speak for themselves.

Wade Rathke started ACORN and is the strategic and entrepreneurial force behind much of Atlas’s story.

ACORN gave him full access to their records and invited him to sit in on meetings not generally open to journalists.

Dozens of current and former ACORN organizers granted him interviews.

Through all this work, ACORN organizers built their own housing development corporation.

HUD contracted extensively with ACORN Housing, and banks looking to demonstrate their bona fides on lending to low-income communities partnered with (and sometimes used their foundations to fund) ACORN Housing.

Years later, ACORN helped to establish the Working Families Party, the most significant third party in New York state.

ACORN also developed an expertise in voter registration and get-out-the-vote efforts.Atlas repeatedly describes the ACORN organizing model: an organizer knocks on doors and asks residents what they want to see improved in their neighborhoods; the concerned resident becomes a dues-paying member of ACORN and joins a campaign to clean up a local eyesore or create a safe playground for neighborhood children.Rathke adapted and re-imagined the community organization tradition more than most practitioners." Ill be keeping tabs on voter fraud reports in the Mass. Flag any reports youve seen/heard in comments or send me an e-mail.1) Election Journal, the website that exposed the New Black Panther Party thugs voter intimidation tactics in Philadelphia in November 2008, is on the ground in Massachusetts today." I can be reached by e-mail at I swear, for the past 24 hours, all I read was brown having 70 % lead.IN 2008 the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) and its extended family of related organizations had a combined budget of more than 0 million, a staff of more than one thousand and a membership of more than 400,000.

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