Adult interactive stories

But while Bud Lights gets some points for voluntarily making fun of itself, mocking lifestyle ads via irony seems a tad overused, with the tactic dating back decades.

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Eerie music and spooky scenery set the mood while text screens reminiscent of those in silent movies relay the basic plot points for the story of a 15-year-old girl who has just moved to Rhinecliff, NY, from the West Coast and encounters different scenarios in her new house. At different points, Millie must decide which trail of M&M's to follow and which flavor to grab. The format has not been widely adopted by brands yet and M&M's appears to be testing the strategy more than making a big push against it.

On Facebook, the first video has been viewed just over 2K times but chapter five has 17K views.

The brand is smart to jump in as an early adopter and test the ability to drive engagement over a period of time with an interactive story, a strategy that could make the content more memorable and raise brand awareness.

The choose-your-own-adventure story format is gaining steam this year.

Netflix debuted its first such shows for kids earlier this year and the storytelling app Episode has partnered with several major entertainment brands.

Retailer DSW recently drove engagement with a choose-your-own-adventure ad featuring a woman who has been cheated on by her boyfriend.

The 30-second clip flaunts young, stylish people frolicking on a beach in branded bohemian garb like Bud Light kimonos, while lyrics like "super cool girl with aspirational friends, lifestyle ad with Bud Light at the end" play.

Somehow, a four-poster bed and pet rabbit even make it into the party scene.

Overall, Bud Light's attempt is lighthearted enough that it's likely to give a few viewers a chuckle.

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