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Coulter's dating life began in 1991 when she was believed to be in a relationship with British actor James Tully.

The twosome dated each other for almost a year before parting ways in 1992.

Twelve point five million self-described Latinos voted in the 2012 elections.

As a Wall Street Journal editorial said after the 2012 vote, “Illegal aliens aren’t eligible for Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and other federal entitlements.

But even those low-income immigrants who are eligible for public assistance sign up at lower rates than their native counterparts.” The Journal editorial added, “Over the past decade, the states experiencing the fastest immigrant population growth have not been traditional gateways like New York and California.

But what she has done with her recent wildly inaccurate, insulting and inflammatory column about Hispanic immigrants in America is ensure that if her position is widely attributed to or reflects significantly GOP misperceptions about Latinos, there will never be another Republican president.

Before I get to her “America Nears El Tipping Pointo” column that generated more Latino American ire and ink than the antics of Chávez, Castro, JLo or Alex Rodriquez, let me give you some números, beginning with the wake-up call, Obama 71 percent; Romney 28 percent.

You obviously know nothing about the Latino vote, and your repeated and shrill rhetoric against Latinos are a major reason that so many conservative Latinos hold their nose and vote Democrat." Latino voters are not automatic Democrats.

Former Texas governor and 43rd president of the United States George W.However, thing soon turned sour after Guccione was found guilty in the promotion of sexual activities.Speaking about their soured relation the magazine publisher said "It was shtick when I knew her.Besides her sarcastic comments, she had made headlines for being in a relation with a handful of men without getting married.Till date, she has dated men with profession varying from actor to author to television personalities.She became infatuated with her exploding celebrity, and really got caught up in the Republican heroin thing, and forgot that it was a shtick." Responding to her former boyfriend's comments, the former MSNBC Legal Correspondent said "Guccione's greatest achievements were creating Spin magazine in the 80's and getting me to date him briefly in the 90's.

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