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The team’s leader, Sandy (a perfect Will Patton), a weather-beaten dude swathed in dressed-down black and weary charisma, begins the session with an edict: “No dwarves or elves or trolls.”So maybe it’s a new video game they’re trying to come up with? Because that’s where the good stuff comes from.” So we start off with “how I lost my virginity” anecdotes, and move on to tales of professional mentors and crazy employees and (when Sandy’s out of the room) anxious speculation on how it’s all going.

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How did that scrap of knitting turn into a full sweater without our noticing?

Though there are few scene-defining blackouts, we sense that an uninterrupted conversation might be a composite of many days of talk.

Yet as directed with a time-blurring seamlessness by Lila Neugebauer, and acted by a perfectly blended ensemble of nine, “The Antipodes” leaves you glowing with a wondering satisfaction.

I mean the happy satiety that comes from being in the hands of a real right-brain/left-brain author who channels her ineffable instincts with a master artisan’s practical skills. Baker, who during the past decade has established herself as one of the freshest voices in American theater, has never been everyone’s cup of moonshine.

Besides, pretty much every time Sandy’s gal Friday, Sarah (a priceless Nicole Rodenburg), shows up, she’s wearing a new outfit.

(Kaye Voyce did the spot-on costumes.) Sarah helps alert us as to what’s going on outside, as Sandy takes more and more time off and the weather turns apocalyptic. Neugebauer, who presided over the dazzling ensemble of Sarah De Lappe’s “The Wolves,” the cast members fully and individually embody their characters’ self-conscious selves.

Presented by Signature Theater, Paige Evans, artistic director; Erika Mallin, executive director.

Cast Phillip James Brannon (Adam), Josh Charles (Dave), Josh Hamilton (Josh), Danny Mastrogiorgio (Danny M1), Danny Mc Carthy (Danny M2), Emily Cass Mc Donnell (Eleanor), Brian Miskell (Brian), Will Patton (Sandy) and Nicole Rodenburg (Sarah); with Hugh Dancy (Voice of Max).

(There’s only one woman among the eight people at the table.)As usual, Ms.

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