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Also, you can see above some of the gates, such as Zion Gate, outside the Armenian and Jewish quarters, a hole through which boiling liquids could be poured on attackers.

The main entrance to the city is the Jaffa Gate, built by Suleiman in 1538.

Head to the left to go toward the Christian or Muslim Quarter and the right to reach the Jewish Quarter.

It's a great place to bargain, but keep in mind the shopping tips offered under trip preparation.

As you make your way through the , you'll reach different forks.

It was announced in August 2014 that the Old City was going to have some work done to make the city more accessable to handicap patrons.

This $20 million Shekel ($5.75 million) project will provide handicap accessable ramps, hand rails, and other accommodations so handicap individuals can access areas that they were unable to before.

These are believed to be the graves of the two architects whom Suleiman had rebuild the city walls.

They were supposedly murdered either because the Sultan wanted to be sure they could never build anything more impressive for anyone else, or because he was angered by their failure to include Mount Zion within the walls.

On the right, as you continue down David Street, you'll enter the Armenian Quarter.

To the left of Jews Street is the Muslim Quarter, and, to the right, is the Jewish Quarter.

The construction will take place in The Jewish Quarter, at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and the City Of David, all of which had areas that were previously inaccessable to people in wheelchairs and walkers.

Other improvements include sign changes for visually impaired individuals, and a new shuttle bus service.

Inside the Citadel is a courtyard and museum with exhibits on the history of the Citadel and Old City.

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