Asp net calendar not updating

Here is the second loop Hi kevin, First thatnks, but I get error again. Rows[r]["Date"] was not converted into string I got error, and then on this Date Time date = Date Time. But if I use the change you've posted neither the first time when I run it, neither after that the table is filled. Rows[r]["Date"]), "MM/dd/yyyy", null); name Parameter. But what is interesting is that if I leave it just like as it was: name Parameter. If I run it again after that the table in grid view appears filled with data.

asp net calendar not updating-86

One of the things does is map SQL types to the most appropriate type. The issue is that we don't have the same way to write down dates or even numbers depending on the country.

Information regarding the origin and location of the exception can be identified using the exception stack trace below.// Add your parameters with values // Check if your row["Date"] value is null if(row["Date"] ! Stop treating everything as strings, stop converting everything to strings and then to other types, the framework is cleverer than you are :) If you want to store a param to a Date field you can use the Date property of a Date Time to "" the time element; . Row["Datei"] is already of type Date Time Date Time dt = (Date Time)row["Datei"] same for your long and lat values, they are already of appropriate c# types.

Since in my csv file it is for example 7/2/2014 (mm/dd/yyyy), and in the sql table I suppose yyyymmdd. Thanks This is what I get 12/7/2014 AM if I use this in sql: exec insertincid1 "", "Tuesday", "", "AM", "", "AM", "I-95 SB ", "hjgjg ", "jhjgb", "jhj", "hjgjg ", "jhjgb", "jhj", 26.878686, -80.765246 It's important to note that the appearance or format of a SQL Date within a table doesn't accurately reflect how it would be presented in . Add With Value() method instead of manually building your parameters and then adding them.

Add(timeto Parameter); but now the format for the date is not a valid format for sql. NET however you would prefer easily using the To String() method and passing in multiple arguments as seen below : Additionally, I've always found that it is much easier to use the Parameters.

Value = row["Po D1"]; Sql Parameter timeto Parameter = new Sql Parameter ("@Time To", Sql Db Type.

For example, you could replace the following : // Build your parameters Sql Parameter name Parameter = new Sql Parameter("@Date", Sql Db Type. Value = row["Time-from"]; Sql Parameter pod1Parameter = new Sql Parameter("@Po D1", Sql Db Type. Value = row["Po D1"]; Sql Parameter timeto Parameter = new Sql Parameter("@Time To", Sql Db Type. Can anybody tell me please how to insert parameters which are of type Date Time into the sql table? Input; // Place a breakpoint here and see what date Format looks like var date Format = Convert. Here is the code I have: // Build your parameter Sql Parameter name Parameter = new Sql Parameter("@Date", Sql Db Type. To String(row["Date"]); // Using the format that you see, use Date Time. To Date Time(row["Date"]); Sql Parameter day Parameter = new Sql Parameter ("@Day", Sql Db Type. Add With Value("@Time From",row["Time-from"]); insert Table. Now I since I have another loop further in the code where I use the Date for this line: name Parameter. Format Exception' occurred in but was not handled in user code Additional information: String was not recognized as a valid Date Time. If it has to be a Date, use a Date, don't use Date Time.

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