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Because after you see this list you’ll realize that .

Much like the list of strategic fucks Rita Ora gave to claw her way to the middle, you’ll notice that Meagan similarly made the rounds with some of the industry’s middle-to-elite, before settling down with a preacher man…

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I would feel bad and be like, 'Let's try to be celibate,'" Good revealed in an Entertainment Tonight report."And then I was worried that they were going to cheat or the relationship was going to end or whatever, and what happened was the relationship ended anyway."However Franklin, the 37-year-old minister and head of Franklin Entertainment, said there are men who are willing to wait until marriage to have sex with their love interests."When a man finds a woman he loves, he will go through hell and high water for her even if she presents this crazy idea of waiting, and he has no desire to wait," Franklin said.

The 34-year-old award winning "Minority Report" actress admitted that waiting until she got married may have been harder on her than on her future husband, who had been abstinent for 10 years."It was very tough," Good shared.preacher husband, De Von Franklin, for some time now, and seeing this list of celebrities she dated before she got locked down only makes me hate him more.

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It's also extremely accurate, as long as (a) you're honest, and (b) you know what you want.

"It's interesting because I think it was harder for me."These days, Good sees the benefit in waiting until marriage to engage in sexual intercourse."We settle for things that we normally wouldn't settle for if we weren't co-dependant on them physically.

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