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What happened was, all of this I learned after the fact of course, he could have saved me a lot of stress and agony by not putting me through the audition process. I was going to the meeting and Forest (Whitaker) was going to the meeting as well, and I parked my truck and he was about 20 feet away. She wanted every guy in there to have a fair shake, and it was very easy. And I think that, we forget that when “Big” came out there were two other movies very similar to that that we really don’t remember, and it was kind of a race to see which one came out first then. We don’t weigh in on the decisions the studios make, but I would like to think that they saw some of their footage and said, “Hey, we’re going to give the filmmaker as much time as he needs to finish out his vision, to make the movie he wants because we think we have something special and it doesn’t matter when it comes out.

We don’t feel like we need to feel the pressure of going first.” But, I don’t know what the decision process was there.

The baby girl was named as Eliana Sophia Haddon- Slater.

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“Buffy the Vampire Slayer” is over however loyal fans are still interested in what’s going on with actor Marc Blucas, Buffy's one-time love interest, Riley Finn. I don’t really even watch television, so I can’t really say I was a die hard [fan].

It seems that no matter how many years have passed since he co-starred on the cult series, the subject of “Buffy” invariably comes up, no matter what project he’s actually promoting. I think it was when she was with Chris (Klein) at something. But I could say that about my own show (“Buffy”) at that time, too. Were at all aware of the other First Daughter movie being made around the same time?

Haddon and Marc are yet to talk about their past affairs, girlfriend, and relationship.

Ryan and Marc have been married for more than 7 years and have one daughter together. He once shared a serious relationship with American film/ TV producer Mary Parent. They dated for around 5 years but got separated in the year 2005.

I’ve been such a fan of Forest as an actor for a long time, just as I have Michael Keaton.

And it’s the actor’s job to come to the table with a take on the role and the scene and the story. On July 25, 2009, Marc Blucas was married to Ryan Haddon in Pennsylvania.As Marc was called in for an audition for, ‘Knight and Day’ their honeymoon was canceled.Similarly, In the year 2005, he also dated American actress Lauren Graham, right after breaking up with Mary Parent.There are no any pieces of information revealed till the date regarding their relationship.Did you practice much for the dancing in the movie?

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