Blues match dating review

Several come from Lovecraft-themed anthologies, and others are more broad-based horror offerings.

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Modern writers seem to have lost that flair for the macabre as they fall back on gore, bloodshed, and violence.

Barron is far and away a cut above the restpun intended.

Unfortunately, while I enjoyed some stories that were, to an extent, fresh and original, the collection itself is a bit of a let-down.

It certainly didnt live up to the high promises of D. Broadly speaking, the collection is divided on Eastern/Western lines.

Laird Barron is one of the godfathers of modern horror.

His work is quite outside what I've come to tag as "horror" in recent years.

We have a wonderful cast of characters and a fantastic set up.

A group of women make an annual road trip to a remote location in the Pacific Northwest.

As many of these stories are from specialized anthologies, seasoned fans may likely have missed one or two along the way as well.

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