Bruce bozzi andy cohen dating

That WWHL with all the former (and some present) housewives was ridiculous--just a mob scene on stage. got no face time at all, but Luann got to sing that odious Money Can't Buy You Class. I doubt seriously that Sonja could hold down any kind of real job. Her "friends" are all shallow and superficial so they'll likely abandon her when she's broke, ugly and has nothing to offer them---in 5-10 years. As far as child support that stops when the kids are 18 or 19 and/or out of college if they attend college.I wonder what she does in her "cabaret show" with no autotune available..... Does she still do her interns shtick (what fucking college is signing off on this? I can't imagine what will happen to her when this show dries up (or she's booted off); when the daughter's out of college (or maybe even now since she's not living at home) I would imagine the child support stops and she's got no income. Once the aging process really kicks in, somewhere around age 58-60, she'll end up ugly, broke and mostly alone.[quote] I honestly feel like Sonja keeps mum about hidden assets. He probably would have been required to pay for his children's schooling, but nothing beyond that.So she has gay parties yet she went out and voted for Trump/Penceand her attempts to start feuds with Dorinda and Tinsley are so transparent. I guess they all do some version of this, but Luann regularly gets righteously indignant about some perceived slight and blatantly lies about the whole thing. Jill Zarin has now stated openly on IG that she wants to come back as a "fwend" of the housewives, implicitly encouraging all her fans to lobby Andy.

Public exposure is oxygen to this woman; she needs us to Look At Her all the time.

I don't think it's normal behavior to invite TV cameras to your beloved husband's funeral service, nor to post private video of yourself and your (embarrassed) family members in the van driving away from the cemetery.

Jill's first move would be going in on the weakest member of the cast (a la Alex).

Probably Tinsley, although she'd be intimidated by her pedigree.

I'm sure they just covered the Amelia Earhart saga in her Fall Semester American Studies 101 course, prompting her great Hallowe'en costume! Don't know what's going on with these uploaders, usually any episode of a popular Bravo show is online within 2 hours of airing.

I'm dying to find a torrent or a streaming link to tonight's episode.I've scoured all the sites I know of and it's still not uploaded. I don't find her entertaining at allso we see in the trailer that Carole and Lu Ann clash a lot again this season yet tonight on WWHL they were sitting next to each other on the couch and were chatting quite cordially...makes their upcoming feud seem tame I guess Most "wtf" moment of the episode that's clearly a nod for the viewers to draw a conclusion: Sonja arriving at the 8 AM MORNING WALK with Dorinda in a full jumpsuit and thigh high boots.R32 fake and contrived like everything else about Sonja. Bitch just casually segued her walk of shame from some hookup into a morning walk with a friend.They lie about what time it is quite often too The only positive I have to say about Tinsley is that whatever work she's had done is tasteful and quality. No wrinkles or sagging and she doesn't look overly plumped. It's not likely Sonja was awarded alimony and if she was I doubt it would be 'for life' since they did not have a long-term marriage and she did not enable/help him acquire his wealth.If I didn't know she was 41 I'd think she was early 30that significant or is there a normal fluctuation that would account for it? Even if they happen to have a lot of money they have poor financial skills and are bad about managing it. Sh was a hostess or cocktail waitress (something like that) when they met, living paycheck to paycheck.The long knives will be out by the second episode, and she'll be out to annihilate everyone.

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