Buharian dating

They came from Afghanistan Barakov - from the Hebrew word Barak which means lightning.Other means, contributed by Gavriel Gavrielov, from the Uzbek word "Barak" Which was a pastry made by boiling dough and glazing it with honey and other sweets.

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This nickname was given to children born with teeth.

Gurzhiev - from Georgia (the country) H Hayfizov - From the word "Hofiz", of the singers (Contributed by Gavriel Gavrielov).

It was a way in which the mainstream Jewish community would distinguish itself, via name, from those who either converted or took the role of Islam.

(Contributed by Gavriel Gavrielov) Also short version from Biniamin.

Similar to Ashkenazi term "Nachas" (Contributed by Gavriel Gavrielov).

Fayziyev - Referencing to "Faiz" meaning to see pleasure.

Fazilov - Fuzaylov - from the word "fuzail" meaning a learned person G Gadelov/ Godelov - the son of Godel, which is the Bukharian version of the name Gedalia Gadayev/Gadoyev - From the word "gado" meaning begging or poverty (Contributed by Gavriel Gavrielov).

Galibov - Was an old name used in Bukharian community " Galib" (Contributed by Gavriel Gavrielov).

Avezbakiyev - (definition needed) Avezov - Reference to greatness or of higher position in Uzbek.

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