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(Wednesday, 4/25 – pm MST Update): Want to watch something really cool?Check out this 3 minute time lapse of Rosie the Corpse flower blooming. In case you missed it earlier, watch as Tucson Botanical Gardens Butterfly Exhibit Manager Michael Madsen and Executive Director Michelle Conklin explain what is so unique about the flower and what brings people (and pollinating insects) so close to something so stinky.We will keep you updated when a final determination is made regarding the live stream.

Link to video HERE.(Wednesday, 4/25 – pm MST Update): Rob Elias and Michael Madsen from the Tucson Botanical Gardens will be joining the You Tube chat at approximately pm MST (pm CDT).

Have your questions ready and thanks for joining the live stream.(Wednesday, 4/25 – am MST Update): We have important information to pass along regarding the Tucson Botanical Gardens Rosie live stream and You Tube Chat.

Please keep in mind that CP’s are night blooming plants so if she decides to bloom, it won’t be until the overnight hours.

But as long as you stay tuned to our social media feed and keep watching the live stream, you’ll be able to see it happen!

She has gone from growing 2″ a day to about 0.5″ so we believe the bloom time is near.

Our charaxes (butterflies) are ready to be introduced to the exhibit today.

(Last ticket will be sold at pm) and will reopen tomorrow morning at to for members only viewing. During that time, we were left numerous messages asking us to move the butterfly. A quick Rosie update: Not much else to report other than she’s doing just fine.

After that, TBG will be open to the public until pm to accommodate as many people as possible (again, the last ticket will be sold at pm). (Monday 4/23 – pm MST Update): Michael Madsen, Butterfly Exhibit Manager is answering questions right now on You Tube chat. The bloom process should take place over next 24-36 hours. We were hoping to experience a bloom on Earth Day (and we still may), but she certainly has her own agenda and will bloom when she’s ready. (Sunday 4/22 – am MST Update): Good morning from TBG! We just did another check on Rosie and we’re seeing progress!

Rob Elias, Director of Marketing & Communications with Tucson Botanical Gardens will be back to answer any questions about Rosie and the Tucson Botanical Gardens.

Have your questions ready, and we’ll see you at pm MST (pm CDT).(Tuesday, 4/24 – am MST Update): Hey Rosie fans!

Additional butterflies are going to be added to the exhibit soon to create an extra special experience for our guests that are stopping by.

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