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In addition to the whitepaper there are two webinars focused on backups that you can watch on-demand.“My SQL Tutorial - Backup Tips for My SQL, Maria DB & Galera Cluster” and “Become a My SQL DBA - Deciding on a Relevant Backup Solution.” Each of these webinars offer tips and best practices on building a backup plan and summarize much of the content that is available throughout our website.Performing regular backups of your database cluster is imperative for high availability and disaster recovery.

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There are many aspects to consider though when building such a strategy.

Here at Severalnines we have database experts who have written much about the topic and in this blog we will collect the top resources to help you build your own database backup strategy for My SQL and Maria DB databases more specifically.

Read the Blog This blog post covers the new backup features available in Cluster Control version 1.4.

Read the Blog Cluster Control follows some best practices to perform backups using mysqldump or Percona xtrabackup.

Other methods include replicating from a source database while it is up, in which case it is important the original database be unaffected by any cloning procedure.

Read the Blog This is our fifth post in the “Become a Mongo DB DBA” blog series - how do you make a good backup strategy for Mongo DB, what tools are available and what you should watch out for.

In the blog “Cluster Control Tips & Tricks - Best Practices for Database Backups” we should how to effectively manage your backup plan using Cluster Control.

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