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Adin got his first exposure to drama while studying at St.

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But with this new set of challenges came Benjamin Rajah.

Having met at church, they became fast friends, Benjamin pushing Adin into taking part in church plays. Adin took an inconspicuous but significant role as part of the crew for Freddy Strikes Back earlier this year handling the multimedia aspects for each set.

Journeys are meant to be as fascinating as the destination itself. Live through journeys that made lasting memories and changed lives.

Relive the moment with Sri Lankan Airlines; a journey, an experience and a destination!

Freddy is arguably Sri Lanka’s biggest brand of stand-up comedy.

Hilariously Sri Lankan, the show isn’t afraid to be explicit- not just in language but in the bold content which is hard hitting about our social and political responsibilities as citizens of this country coupled with a healthy dose of politician- bashing.

Welcome to our Sri Lanka Live Streaming Webcams Portal.

View all the live streaming video cameras operating in Sri Lanka.

The staff of the Embassy of Sri Lanka and I keenly look forward to welcoming you at this important national event.

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