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Prior to this, apart from some exceptions, the clients bought pipes to smoke and the manufacturers produced and sold them, making functional, logistic and commercial choices based on practical requirements, not on whether these would become future collectors’ items.Nowadays, the well-know Dunhill code stamped on the pipe which enables collectors to determine precisely the pipe’s year of manufacture is a godsend for them, whereas in fact this practice had been introduced solely so that the annual guarantee could be honoured.As mentioned earlier, Charatan’s manufacturing history is rather complex. On the other hand, we know that 1962 is the year in which Herman Lane bought the business, but it is also known that as early as 1955 or even the early 1950s Herman Lane was the sole distributor of Charatan pipes in the USA. The first era can be further divided into two periods: First period: Frederick Charatan c.1873 - 1910 Manufacturing was limited and a pipe was made to last a lifetime, so finding a pipe from this period is extremely rare.

A Russian who arrives in England from Austria opens a workshop in London, hires employees, expands, acquires important clients, then leaves the firm to his son who succeeds in maintaining the firm’s excellent reputation.

Following the bombing, business picks up again thanks to a German from America who buys the firm, alters the way it is run, and then sells it.

Of course, stamps and codes were part of the process, but were not the most important part and were not always precise.

When Lane and later Dunhill sought to impose some sort of classification, they were successful, but at the cost of losing some of the magic in the workshop.

ERAS The logical move would be to split Charatan’s history into two eras, with 1962 as the dividing year, when Reuben’s widow sold off the business to Herman Lane.

Thus, the first era deals with the family, and the second with the firm’s subsequent owners.

This could simply refer to Charatan’s production, but some experts suggest that “make” could imply that the model is entirely hand-crafted.

A subtlety that Herman Lane would later make clearer. 1962 - In 1962 Herman Lane took over the business from the Charatan family, although he had already influenced production from the 1950s.

However, collectors are a tenacious breed: they build up networks, exchange information, turn into catalogue hunters, library and internet bookworms, pipe archaeologists who are able to describe a model through such minute details hardly perceptible to most smokers.

Pipe firms and companies have only really realized the importance of collectors in the last few decades, and thus to meet their demands, as well as to increase production, they periodically issue a series of appealing, quality pipes.

However, this would omit an important stage in Charatan’s history, the time when Lane ran the business and although Charatan was no longer run by the family, it was still autonomous, while following Dunhill’s purchase this was no longer possible and Charatan quickly became just a brand amongst others.

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