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(This also occurs when a teammate changes equipment during that time frame) - When watching the kill replay of an ulting Bomb King, his music keeps playing when the kill replay is skipped while the music of his ultimate is on.

- The game sometimes randomly crashes when in a match.

Chatlines in br-40

When checked out, there is actually nothing new and the red "1" tag can't be removed until the game is restarted.

- Champions are often displayed in a weird, static pose of them seemingly holding something up.

- When a match is over and the player gets his ultimate right at the time when the Top Play screen is displayed, the sound of getting the player's ultimate can still be heard.

- You can't unmute players after they've been muted.

- When buying the Founder's Pack, the player gets a "God of War's Death Stare", but under the white text it says "Epic No Readable Item Type See".

- The Citizen of The Realm achievement doesn't actually work.

//Needs testing/experimenting// - The countdown at the start of a deathmatch match is not correct.

- The announcer says "Prepare for battle" after the match has already begun in a deathmatch match.

//Needs testing/experimenting// - When selecting a Champion in the "Champions" section in the Main Menu after the game has booted up, the Champions don't say their name, unless when backed out of the menu again and clicking on the Champion again.

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