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Neither of us expected or wanted it to amount to more.

And why she would put up with how her 'friends' treat her is a mystery in itself.

Seriously, please listen to the other reviews and don't waste your time.

See full summary » Billie Blessings has gone from beloved chef, restaurant owner, and morning show segment host to #1 suspect in a murder case when one of the executives at the network dies from poisoning. See full summary » Kelly Halligan has moved with her 17-year-old niece from New York to California to start her new business venture.

When her niece tries out for the soccer team, the two meet the athletic ...

So, if your friends aren't as retarded as mine are, please share this gem.

You already got the eclipse glasses, now how about adding some spy goggles to your collection?Claire keeps that quiet as the guests arrives and keeps searching for the groom, who has been kidnapped by a masked, abusive man.I generally try to find the best in movies and I have a pretty low threshold for enjoyment, but this movie is just awful.Tycoon grandpa La Foret revives his family's traditional Christmas gathering at the lodge Claire manages for him, five years after it ceased with the mysterious lake drowning of his ...See full summary » When a Hollywood film crew comes to shoot in Lawrenceton, and the film's star is found poisoned and bludgeoned in her dressing room, crime-solving librarian Aurora Teagarden enlists members... His entire life he’s been surrounded by the press as they dig for tidbits to see if his fairytale life is for real or all mirrors and social media lies. A beautiful, difficult man I was supposed to uncover for a racy exposé. You've seen the headlines: Womanizing billionaire player! But I had never been drawn to a guy the way I was drawn to this one: my brother's best friend, and CEO of the company where I interned. I opened up to him in more ways than I'd opened up to anyone before.

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