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Klaus-Dieter H., 50, who had been in jail for 19 years for raping and beating to death a nine-year-old girl, had been regularly allowed to have unsupervised meetings in jail with a 46-year-old single mother he had got to know five years ago.

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Soon after they met, they applied for permission to have conjugal visits in what prisoners called the "love cell," and received permission. When prison guards unlocked the cell after the time was up, a horrific scene awaited them: The woman was lying dead on the floor, half-naked, with a fractured skull, four stab wounds in the chest and strangulation marks on her neck.

"The two wanted to stay together after his release, that's why we allowed the visits without supervision -- so that the relationship would have a chance," prison director Katja Grafweg told a news conference. 'We Didn't Think He Was Capable of That' Klaus-Dieter H.

In New York, about 8,000 family visits were arranged last year, a figure that corrections officials say has declined. The rest were with family members such as children or parents.

Studies cited by Yale law students in a 2012 review of family visitation programs showed that the programs could work as powerful incentives for good behavior, help reduce sexual activity among prisoners and help strengthen families.

Fisher, who is studying to be a surgical assistant.

But conjugal visits, a concept that started here at the Mississippi State Penitentiary as a prisoner-control practice in the days of Jim Crow, will soon be over. Epps, the prison commissioner, plans to end the program Feb.

"I ask myself how such a horrific deed can happen unnoticed in a jail in North Rhine-Westphalia," he said in a statement.

— To spend time alone with the man she married four months ago, Ebony Fisher, 25, drives nearly three hours through the flat cotton fields of the Mississippi Delta until she pulls into a gravel lot next to the state’s rural penitentiary.

Last November, two criminals escaped from a prison in the western city of Aachenwith relative ease, sparking a nationwide debate about security standards in jail.

Four years before, three prisoners in a jail in Siegburg, near Bonn, tortured and killed a fellow inmate.

The minister has been called to testify on the incident before a committee of the state parliament on Wednesday.

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