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I sometimes pray for the patience that Daniel so artfully maintained with me when I fired questions and condemnations at him — because, in recent years, I have grown increasingly angry at the hypocrisy that surrounds me. People found it revolting to share a meal with them and often felt it to be their duty to beat them so that they would learn proper living. The gay people with whom I am close are some of the strongest, most passionate and caring people I know and their demands for jus tice are no less imperative than those of any other community. A beautiful man whose eloquent and poignant truths began to move me past tolerance.

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He told me of the years of denial and the pain of always feeling different. He told me of people who religiously prayed to God to help them become straight.

I still remember our first real conversation about homosexuality.

But again, I will never point a finger when the finger is best pointed at me. Daniel, however, quickly disarmed me with his personal testimony.

In these efforts I have found another community with which I feel akin and from which I draw strength.

These symptoms can occur when people are not drinking enough fluids. Unlike the average adult, a child, infant or elderly person loses electrolytes at a faster rate. -Hank Young III and Kris Young, Founders of Step Up Mentoring Program | The 4th Annual Step Up Mentoring Camp will be Friday-Sunday, July 27th-29th at the Arkansas 4-H Center, 1 Four H Way in Ferndale.

The mission of the camp is to impact the lives of teenage youth 13-18 years old to empower them with knowledge & help them make a positive difference in their communities.

Know your fireworks; read the cautionary labels and performance descriptions before igniting.

If you are under the influence of alcohol, do not shoot off any fireworks. Never carry fireworks in your pocket or shoot them into metal or glass containers.

Friendship Aspire is currently enrolling for K-1st grade.

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