Curriculum excellence developing consolidating

This is a decision which East Renfrewshire took unilaterally much to the bemusement of the rest of the country 's teachers who had been told that this was not possible.

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For instance a child who has been doing a subject in S1 or S2 may find a different curricular model at a different school which makes certain subjects unavailable and if a child moves from a school which has followed a 3-3 model to a 2-2-2 school at the end of third year they will find that the 2-2-2 pupils will have spent more time on the subjects they have opted for." We have worked very hard to embrace the principles set out in all BTC (Building the Curriculum ) documents. The idea behind Cf E feels like an idea born out of a service with money and time , but it has to live in a world with a diminishing well of both. The differing systems of 2-2-2 and 3-3 means this system is not equitable across regions.

We can now add to that different regions starting at different times.

Education Scotland will work with teachers to tailor their teaching to the needs of their pupils while also developing course materials for the National 4 and 5 qualifications which will be distributed to schools.

These materials will be for every subject and will be distributed to schools in advance of the commencement of the new qualifications in 2013/14.

This, as it happens, ties in with a unit of work the History department does about that period of Scotland's history.

However, the Cf E insists that cross curricular activity is actively shoe-horned into a school's curriculum – regardless of cost or relevance.

We are in year 2 of Cf E in secondary and I find it hard to see how schools can abandon Cf E in favour of existing courses.

There is reassurance from HE and FE as to how they view the new qualifications but that is well-nigh impossible as the drafts are only just out. Also HMIE are suggesting that all of the experiences and outcomes need to be covered and there is little time available in schools to discuss all of this."I think it has always been the case that good teachers will quite naturally reference other disciplines or draw in information from other areas to enliven and inform their own subject. For example, in S1, as part of their course, the pupils design and make a poster for a local Pictish museum – along the way learning about Pictish art and the book of Kells.

Suggestions as to how this is concretely done are left to each individual school and consequently vary enormously.

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