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“The idea was that since the girls are paying for my meals, I go at the end of every month to random NGOs that my friends pick.We go together and sponsor a meal for those kids,” Ramu has been quoted as saying to .

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They know every last detail about her.""I just think it's so invasive and so frustrating that the identity of our surrogate and all her personal information got leaked," the mother of three later says. "They literally have information about the surrogate that I don't know.

That is what weirds me out," she tells her attorney, adding, "I want to make it very clear we will literally sue the s--t out of them." She means business!

Later, Kim comforts her surrogate via text messages.

"I communicate really well with my surrogate and I just would always want her to know that I'm here if she needs anything," she says.

If the market day for this year was E then this would be a market day.

The second letter signifies the type of religious or legal observance required or permitted on this day.

Every 9th day counting inclusively was a market day, but as it shifted every year, a designated letter between A and H would represent the market day for that year.

The final letter identifies the type of day for purposes of dtaing observance or legal business. The first letter is the nundinal letter for the market day.

N stands for dies nefasti, which meant that no legal action or public voting could take place on this day.

EN dating sites for endotercisus, or intercisus, which were "in-between" F or C days in which mornings and afternoons had different designations.

One of the major reasons behind his dating extravaganza is that Sundar wants to know views of different women.

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