Dating a thin guy

The question is: are some members of the #Fat Acceptance movement simply trying to convince others “big is beautiful” so they can increase their chances of dating thin, fitter men that otherwise wouldn’t date them under the mainstream perception that fat is “unattractive”? I’m all for people loving themselves, but what happens when obese people advocate for #Fat Acceptance as a means of increasing their sexual value in the dating world so they can date thinner, fitter people?Think about it: if #Fat Acceptance (mostly women) keeps telling me “big is beautiful”, then why not put your meme where your mouth is and feminist?

Okay, again, I’m still speculating, and as overweight feminist Lindy West told me the other day on Twitter: reason women like Tess Holliday are dating stereotypically-attractive thin fit men is because she just loves him for what’s on the inside? Lindy West’s above tweet was in response to my Tweet: 2) Lindy West As you can see in the above picture, Lindy West is another fat woman dating a reasonably fit man, all the while fighting for #Fat Acceptance. Not conclusively, but it again begs the question: if Lindy West wants people to be so accepting of fat people, would But is this a fair comparison?

The fundamental point I’m making in this article is that we all have “superficial” standards through which we judge and value other people.

Anyways, notice the irony of her statement, which although she said it jokingly, nonetheless hints to the point I’m trying to make in this article.

Whitney said, “he’s hot and I’m heavy.” That right there highlights the glaringly obvious double-standard of a #Fat Acceptance advocate openly dating a thin guy that she thinks is “hot” in comparison to her being “heavy”.

Whether it’s a woman’s weight or a man’s bank account, or a woman’s face or a man’s charisma—we all have through which we determine whether or not a person is valuable, and thus worth dating, fucking, or marrying.

Caring about a woman’s weight isn’t patriarchal oppression—it’s just another standard, so when Lindy West cites John Goodman as proof she’s open to dating/marrying fat people, well, there’s a difference because John is coincidence, or popular plus-sized models tend to date thin men.

Hmm, Whitney’s new man looks surprisingly similar to Tess Holliday’s fiance.

Maybe overweight women have a thing for white, bearded men?

She’s said: “…I want to challenge society’s perception of ‘beauty’ and what’s acceptable in our industry and the world.

There is no one way to be a woman, or to be beautiful.

Maybe that’s immature, and maybe I’m torturing myself a little bit, but I’m also lazy and deeply dislike change, so it appears I’ve reached a personal impasse.

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