Dating a winchester model 94

(Please remember that this information is a compilation over time -- collected from secondhand information. We reserve the right to make changes at any time and make no claims as to accuracy.No attempt has been made to determine the value of any Winchester products.) © Winchester Repeating Arms, 2012, 2015, R.In fact, the urbanization of the Whitetail is one of the most studied topics by wildlife biologist these days.

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Everything on the gun operates as smooth as silk, yet it feels solid and dependable. No greater names have ever been linked together more solidly than Winchester® and the Model 1894.

Early on in 1862, Oliver Fisher Winchester began Winchester Repeating Arms Company and followed with a series of fine rifles like the 1866, 18. Browning came along with numerous other designs which became legendary Winchesters, like the Single Shot 1885, Model 86 and the Model 92 among others.

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They use these documents as a reference and the documents should be limited to that use.And being able to get on target and make a good shot is something the Model 94 has been proven to do for over 110 years. Many consider the Model 94 the ultimate rifle for training a new shooter too.There is an intrinsic level of interest generated when you put one in the hands of a young shooter.Then, in 1893 he presented to Winchester a model that was a perfect match for the new 30-30 smokeless cartridge, ushering in a new era in firearms development. There are a number of good reasons that the Model 94 Winchester is still a solid choice for big game hunting.It is true that many hunters over the years have moved to bolt actions for longer range hunting -- like out in the West for example, where cross canyon shots are common. But even in the 21st century, the most hunted big game animal in North America -- the Whitetail -- is in brushier, nastier, tighter conditions than ever.These pages were scanned from documents compiled over the years by the customer service department of Winchester Repeating Arms.

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