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Some women took more work to generate attraction to. Sex and looks (I had a fantasy body at the time) got me in, but with most of them they wanted someone to connect with.Being unable to perform was always the biggest fear I had, but when showtime came around I had usually done enough sexual build up that I'd convinced myself of attraction as well, and maintaining integrity in the bedroom wasn't an issue. So paid dinners, walks in parks, paid weekend getaways, that kind of thing.This individual is someone who has been said to be the cause of several marriages to end.

I was constantly putting myself out there, whenever I got someone who really liked me and called regularly I wouldn't have to list for a couple months though.

Keep in mind I wasn't doing this fulltime, I didn't want to drop as a PT and end up having a work gap to explain down the road, so I was working this around my actual work schedule.

After I'd built confidence in them I'd go to collecting at the start of each date, having to ask at the end is a mood killer, and I'd be able to charge full price as well.

I tried getting listed on some male escort services that said they could middleman the service, but in reality they just charged me to list and I heard nothing, or they charged me to list and would then ask if I did gays. I'd occasionally take out ads on the paper, mainly trying to time it with local events where people would be coming in (I received some paid-for sex with two women who were very good friends by doing this - they did it just to see what having an escort was like, and enjoyed themselves so much that they hired me to spend the following day with them).

To a larger section of our hypocritical society, being an escort or a sex worker is considered more disgraceful than dignified.

So when a former male escort, who served as one for almost four years and goes by the anonymous user name jerrygigolo on Reddit, decided to reveal all his professional secrets on the social media platform, his answers were more intriguing than the secrets of the universe.

This week, I will discuss how that double-bind for women may have resulted in a double-bind for men as well.

Today, men are given confusing and contradictory advice.

I did (and do) still have the desire to meet someone and settle down, and I felt if I kept up with the escorting for too long I might eventually become so accustomed to fake attraction that I wouldn't know the difference anymore. It was fun at first and that kept me going, then it was the money and paid vacations, and then I realized I was sick of it, and could still focus my energy on becoming something else if I wanted. Straight gigolo, so my most common gender by default was women! Oldest woman I had was in her early 50s, but most common would be late 20s or early 30s business professionals.

Too focused on their career to want a serious relationship, but still wanting to have memorable experiences with attentive and experienced men. One client did request I wear her passed husband's favorite watch and tie while we were out on our dates, that didn't strike me as very weird though.

Welcome back to The Attraction Doctor Last week, I discussed why women can't find a "good" man (here).

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