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In other words, these emotionally unavailable men care enough to want to keep tabs on you and your life, but not enough to actually be part of it. The bencher treats you like a substitute football player.

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(Yes, really, there are.) But here’s the catch: they’ll only show up in your life once you value yourself enough to shut the door on the men who can’t even be bothered to reply to your texts. Persia Lawson is an author, speaker and ‘one of the UK’s most successful love coaches’ – according to The Saturday Times magazine.

Having once been a serial cheater and obsessive love addict, she’s proud to now be in a healthy, committed relationship and is passionate about helping people attract (and keep) their own relationship in the chaos of the modern dating world.

Our modern world of dating is full of emotionally unavailable partners.

The sort of people who are fiercely independent and don’t like closeness often end their relationships first.

The typical ghoster suddenly disappears from your life/text/dating app exchanges for no apparent reason, leaving you clueless as to what went wrong.

You’re left desperately scouring your past interactions for clarity (or sign that he does care about you really! This one’s particularly interesting: you can see he still watches all your Instagram stories, but makes absolutely no effort to interact or engage with you.

Blowing hot as the summer sun one minute, cool as a Canadian winter the next, such men are often referred to in the dating world as being ‘emotionally unavailable’.

Whether they have deep-rooted commitment issues that, as yet, have been left unchecked, or they simply don’t want to place all of their eggs in one basket, the effect of emotionally unavailable men on you is the same: You’re left hopeless wondering a) what you did wrong and b) what you can do to win back his undivided attention and affection.

I’ve said it already, but I’ll say it again: cowards.

(Then again, we’ve all done this at some point or other, haven’t we?

Closeness and being connected to another person caused more pain and neglect than the fleeting moments of love they received.

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