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Its summers are comfortable with temperatures around the high teens into the mid twenties Celsius.

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During the early 20th century, Minsk was a center for the Worker’s Party movement.

During the Soviet era, Minsk became an important cultural and political city.

The opportunity for visas have opened for many countries, and visa prices have been slashed for U. The next option would be a short-term single entry tourist visa, which will allow you and 3 week to 1 month stay, depending on the person or agency giving the letter of invitation.

3 month business visas with double-entry are also possible to obtain, and only require that you are visiting Belarus to engage in business conversations with the expectation of looking to bring new capital in to the country.

Minsk is located in the area of mixed forests typical for most of Belarus.

Pinewood and mixed forests are still present at the edge of the city, especially in the north and east.

The following Minsk, Belarus city and dating guide is based on a few weeks stay during the summertime period.

Minsk is perhaps the most isolated European capital, and remains a part of one of the few soviet time capsules that still exist today.

Many apartment rentals will require a cash payment, and some will only accept USD or EUR.

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