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The thumb is vulnerable to hyperabduction following falls in which a hand remains on a planted pole, which could be exacerbated by the presence of the pole strap Boxers who have sustained an injury to the UCL of the MCP joint of the thumb typically present with swelling and haematoma around the joint.

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The dislocation that is commonly associated with Bennett fractures occurs due to the interrelation between the ligamentous and muscle tendon attachments and the location of the fracture.

Thus, at the point of fracture, the anterior oblique ligaments remain attached to the small proximal portion of the metacarpal in the normal anatomic position.

Surgical treatment is not standardised for the treatment of Bennett fractures and successful methods have included closed reduction and percutaneous pinning, open or arthroscopically–assisted reduction with either pins or inter-fragmentary fixation This hand injury is common in boxing but less recognised.

The excessive and repeated trauma of boxing, transmitted from the MCP joints to the bases of the metacarpals, create ligamentous disruption with destabilisation of the CMC joints, the so-called ‘carpal boss’.

Anteroposterior and lateral radiographs are recommended to assess the presence of avulsion fractures.

Other methods of diagnosis, such as stress radiography, ultrasound and MRI have been used in diagnosing Stener lesions.Whether the soft tissues of the damaged MCP joint are injured purely by a distinct, acute trauma or whether the damage is the result of progressive weakening following repeated impacts is currently unclear.While some authors have assumed that such progressive weakening is routine.Some authors recommend always performing surgical repair on injuries where the underlying joint capsule has been damaged and suggest non-surgical management for damage to the extensor tendon mechanism or hood.The dorsoradial ligament is the most important stabiliser of this joint, although the superficial and deep anterior obliques, intermetacarpal, ulnar collateral and posterior oblique ligaments also have key roles.Boxing has historically been primarily associated with head injuries, particularly concussion.

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