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Of these, few were more convincing than a video of the late comedian Joan Rivers, which was what brought her to the matter of the first lady. “Here we go,” she said now, finding it on her phone. “Death, destruction, terrorism and weakness,” Trump said. “We already have it with Obama, so let’s just calm down,” Rivers says as she walks away, adding, “You know Michelle is a tranny.” “I’m sorry, she’s a what? “There are societies out there, especially in Hollywood, that we don’t know about. “I was kicking someone’s ass,” Kevin said, and drifted back to sleep.

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Melanie took one to fan herself, and she and Kevin found a spot in the crowd. “My workplace was right there to the left,” she said, pointing to where a railroad office once was. “And I have unpleasant thoughts.” She had spent her whole life here. Still, it’s a hell of a transition from working woman, and then now to have to confront PTSD, anxiety and depression.” She went on disability.

She was raised in a family of coal miners and railroad men, graduated from a technical school, and had been working as a secretary when her sister became sick and asked her to take care of her son temporarily. After a while, she tried to get a job at the local firehouse but came to believe officials were stealing money.

Like millions of others, she believed that President Obama was a Muslim. On her discharge papers, in a box labeled “medical problem,” a doctor had typed “homicidal ideation.” Melanie thought the whole thing was outrageous. “They say they found a pillow on his face, which is a pretty unusual place to find a pillow,” Trump had told the talk-radio host Michael Savage, who was using his show to explain the scenario to his 5 million weekly listeners, who then spread it on Facebook, where it wound up in Melanie’s feed. ” Melanie yelled as Trump stepped out of his plane. “Oh, that’s all I need,” she said during another chaotic day. These are zombies, is what they seem to be.” After that they went to help Kevin’s son fix his decrepit van.

And like so many she had gotten to know online through social media, she also believed that he was likely gay, that Michelle Obama could be a man, and that the Obama children were possibly kidnapped from a family now searching for them. To Melanie, this was the glory of the 2016 presidential election. Her morning had gone by in county court with Kevin, a onetime local council member and firefighter who was now a laid-off production-shift supervisor checking in with a judge about charges related to using someone’s car without permission. “So we tied the muffler up,” she said, and that was her day so far.

In particular, she loved John Hagee, who had said that the Antichrist would appear as a “blasphemer and a homosexual.” And Jerry Falwell, who had blamed the Sept.

11 attacks on “the pagans and the abortionists and the feminists and the gays and the lesbians.” “Also,” Melanie said, “Falwell disclosed that the first Christmas Bill and Hillary spent in the White House, Hillary collected ornaments from homosexuals all over the world.She read the headline out loud: “Joan Rivers died two months after calling Obama gay and Michelle a transvestite.” And then she scrolled through one You Tube video after another, including a 13-minute 28-second one with more than 1.4 million views that she watched again now. In it, a reporter asks Rivers when America will have its first gay president. “We all know that.” “So,” Melanie said, explaining why she thought Rivers was serious. “One more child to sacrifice on the altar of open borders,” Trump said. But then came the sexually explicit graffiti about her in the train toilets, and a male colleague’s calling her “psycho bitch” over the radio, and another male colleague’s flying her underwear like a flag off the train — all of which became part of a sexual-harassment lawsuit Melanie filed against the railroads. Williamson/The Washington Post) “The jury gave me my one moment in the sun as far as justice was concerned,” Melanie said. “When I was a kid, at Christmas time, you’d have lights and a big ‘Season’s Greetings’ banner hung up here,” she said. And when Obama started talking about, of all things, gay marriage and letting transgender people into bathrooms, it all came together: The president of the United States was a gay Muslim from Kenya working to undermine America. “OUR NATION IS IN TROUBLE,” she wrote two days later. “They couldn’t care less how I was today.” The rest of the conversation was a blur, but Melanie remembered that she finally decided there was no use resisting, and as the police led her outside and into the hot back seat of a cruiser, she hummed the old hymn “Don’t Be Afraid” over and over.In 2002, a jury awarded her 0,000 in damages, a verdict overturned by a federal judge who did not question the facts of the case but decided that the matter had been handled appropriately. “But the politicians are never going to let a little girl slap two Class I railroads, and they didn’t.” That was the moment when she began to see so clearly how the world worked, she said, and it wasn’t just about the judge. The more she thought about it, the more certain she became, and with certainty came a feeling of confidence — a sense of liberation that culminated over several days in February, when she decided, “I’ve been pushed around all I’m going to be pushed around,” and began unleashing 20 years of feelings online. ” she wrote, alongside a cartoon of herself flying. ” she wrote when Trump pulled ahead in the South Carolina primary. “WE ARE STARVING FOR GOOD, HONEST, CARING LEADERSHIP.” She posted the name of a local firehouse official with a circle and a slash through it. As she saw it, she was becoming a “political prisoner.” Her neighbor John, a childhood friend who was watching the whole thing unfold from his yard, walked over and ducked his head into the police car. Melanie told him not to be, that God was in control, and that “time will tell the truth.” She asked him to take care of her cat, and then the police drove her away.In May, Jones had devoted his show to “the possibility that Michelle Obama was born a man,” and as the Republican National Convention began, he had hosted a rally attended by Trump adviser Roger Stone. She went over it again: the police cruiser, the injections, the medical bills after. “I’m on the same meds today that I was on the day they took me out of my house.” “Well,” John said.

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