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The only good thing about the Dating Dilemma in Berlin: You are not the only one.

Nearly all my single friends are in the same excruciating situation.

in a top Dublin restaurant to celebrate the occasion with her.

She really likes him and he seems to return the compliment, but what should she buy him?

You don't need to try that hard.''Meanwhile, Alexandra previously revealed she got ''all the revenge'' on the high school boys who turned her down by starring as Zac Efron's love interest Summer Quinn in 'Baywatch'.

She said: ''It was thrilling, I felt like I got all the revenge on all the high school boys that turned me down - I could finally be a Baywatch babe ...

I always wanted someone to date - I wasn't successful.

You'd be surprised, I'm very low-key and pretty much a homebody.''And the 31-year-old actress hates it when men are ''vaguely insulting'' in a bid to get her attention.

She’s now been with her beau – a wonderful man — for a little over a year.

She says he makes her feel special, but this is just the icing on the cake as she knows in her core that she is worthy and deserving of all good.

She told Men's ''The thing I hate most is when someone is vaguely insulting to get my attention.

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