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You don’t want to go into a marriage with regrets or excuses.

I strongly recommend you cut off contact with him until he’s not married anymore and ready to begin dating openly. Geoff will answer a new family and relationship question every Friday.

We live in different cities, so we mostly talk by text and phone.

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They believe their feelings are unique and that no one else could possibly understand.

These delusions lead to outcomes that are difficult to reverse and only create more pain and disappointment.

If you’re in a hurry to be married, this guy may take longer than you want to be ready for remarriage.

Also, please consider that the long-distance is likely working for him because he can keep you from being discovered.

I’ve dated other guys before and after my mission and this guy has the qualities I most admire.

I’ve told my parents and my bishop about it and they are all encouraging me to break it off just because he’s still married.

Yes, on paper he’s married, but he would be divorced if she would cooperate. It feels right, especially because we’re respecting physical boundaries. Answer Your parents and bishop aren’t overreacting to your decision to date a married man.

They’re looking out for your emotional, spiritual, and relational welfare.

He is the co-author of “Love You, Hate the Porn: Healing a Relationship Damaged by Virtual Infidelity”, available at Deseret Book, and the audio series “Strengthening Recovery Through Strengthening Marriage”, available at

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