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The artificial womb, which is certainly technologically possible and will become real in the coming decades, stands to remove pregnancy from women. But what of us human beings, trained for the duration of our entire evolutionary tree to find a partner?

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Reflected by a devil’s twin horns, where two concepts exist, they necessarily go to war.

Nature and technology, for example, and men and women, are binary oppositions currently forced into spiritual war.

But the only good outcome of that war is a synthesis. Nature-technology together, as the same fundamental force.

That is the aspiration I move toward, as I must write, despite the seeming decay of the written word, I have known no other future for myself.

In that instant, we human beings created a mode of being outside of nature, the mode of instrumental technology, malleable into clothing, books, large hadron colliders and staggering cities.

An ultimate result of this gift, the ability to make clothing, and fire, is to be found in the CRISPR machine – the ability to edit our own DNA.

This is the most efficient path to bearing children. If we no longer speak or engage with each other, and if the sexes are in endless conflict, why wouldn’t this become the default mode of parenting? A new philosophy would have to be invented for them. Men locked up in tiny rooms playing videogames in abject isolation and career-driven young women with no interest in pregnancy are a kind of crystal eyeglass through which to view the future.

Loneliness will become more normal than the reverse – being single will be the eternal condition.

The fluidity of gender is a positive development, an attempt to create ‘one’ where previously there were two.

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