Dating going through the motion

Motions allow the parties to ask the court to make temporary decisions on the matters that you have asked the court to decide.

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If your materials are complete and the judge does not have any questions for you or the other person, the judge will sign the draft order.

The clerk will send a certified copy of the signed order to you and every other party named in the case.

Motions to change are similar to the process involved when making an application.

The motion to change and supporting documents must be served on the other party by special service.

If you have been served with a Form 14B motion form and want to respond, you must serve and file a response within 4 days.

If you do not file a response, the motion will be treated as unopposed.If you are the person making a motion, you are called the moving party. Any party named in a case may make a motion, unless a judge has ordered otherwise.A motion is a request to the court by a party for one or more of the following: A motion can also be made to change a final order or a support agreement filed with the court.In these circumstances, you should also include a draft order that includes the terms that you are seeking, if possible.In most cases where all the parties consent to the order to be made, the parties do not need to appear in person before the judge.You should think carefully about whether or not you need to make a motion because if you make a motion and the judge decides it was not necessary to do so, the judge can order you to pay the other party’s costs related to their preparation for the motion.

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