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The wood single roof Savannah Pavilion comes in 27 sizes, starting with the tiny 12 x 12 ft one (shown above), and extending to the absolutely massive 50 x 100 ft model – yes, that’s 5,000 square feet (which is almost enough space to house all of Amber‘s lovers)!

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The perfect Georgia vacation destination for all ages – abuzz with art, culture, festivals, concerts, live theater, outdoor cafes, gourmet restaurants, and true Southern hospitality.

The largest National Historic Landmark District in the United States, Savannah contains more than twenty city squares filled with museums, churches, mansions, monuments and famous forts of the Revolutionary & Civil War eras.

We have compiled a rare look at historical depictions of Serval Cats dating back to the 1400's, see below pictures.

It may comes as a surprise that the majority of Savannah Cat Owners don't purchase for exotic looks.

Majority of Savannah Cats have less than 10% possible exotic heritage.

Savannah Cat can use a litter-box, see a regular veterinarian and has many domestic traits not found in Serval Cats.

*The closer to the exotic linage results in larger size but smaller litters and higher cost The further away from the Serval those litters get bigger, the size gets smaller and the cost decresease per kitten.*Legal requirement have to be considered in some USA states.

Savannah Cats sometimes get caught in ban bills due to lose wording meant to prevent the ownership of larger exotic pets.

And the all steel roof single roof Savannah Pavilion starts small, at 10 x15 ft, but goes up to 40 x 46 ft, with 20 other sizes in between these two extremes.

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