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This means you can do everything you can do on your computer on your phone or tablet, letting you work from home, on the go, or check in while you’re on holiday.

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The system can be set to automatically send SMS or emails to members identified to be at risk of cancelling, or to those who have not been keeping up to date with their payments.

Do you issue key fobs or club membership cards to your members?

Managing memberships and making sure the current memberships are active is a problem for which many business cannot find a solution.

Bepoz can manage the recurring payments to make sure each membership is paid and up to date.

Gym Master helps clubs all over the world organize and manage their members and facilities.

Whether you’re a country club, a recreation center, a sporting club, a ski field, or a yacht club, Gym Master has been developed with the help of club managers and owners to offer a comprehensive and easy to use member management software solution.We can also add Prize Promotions so a customer might buy a specific product with specific dates and time range and receive a reward.They may buy a certain number of products, cups of Bepoz is a Saa S provider.Of course you can redeem your points quickly and easily in a sale., your customer can buy two different specified products and pay a promotional price for them between the dates you specified.Payments are an extremely important part of your business.

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