Dating my daughter form

I know time is of the essence, but there are multiple conversations you need to have before you can move ahead either with securing an abortion or with preparing your family for another child.You sound like a deeply caring parent, and I wish you all the best in navigating this incredibly complex situation.

Dating my daughter form

The first question is a legal one: Even assuming you have medical conservatorship over your adult daughter (guardianship laws vary from state to state), from your description it does not sound to me as if she is clearly giving her consent to an abortion.

Even if you did have guardianship, you would almost certainly need a court order before you were authorized by an abortion provider to give informed consent on her behalf.

What if you and your wife become ill or unable to care for a child?

Could you have a trust set up, or find additional co-parents who could assist your daughter, if need be?

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Dear Prudence, An old high school acquaintance recently reached out to me after a volatile breakup with his girlfriend.

I have been a sympathetic outlet for him, mostly through text messages.

We have the resources and family support to care for this child if it were born.

I also know this may be the only chance we have at being grandparents. I think the perspective you need here is your daughter’s.

If you don’t already have a lawyer advising you, I suggest finding one through the Disability Rights Bar Association.

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