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The Structured Query Language (SQL) is the tool that allows users to query and make sense of data stored in a relational database.

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Students will also learn progressive adoption of Java Script components and how to integrate components into existing client-server applications.

In this lab heavy class, developers will get hands-on experience building components, integrating components together, calling APIs to bring data into components, writing unit and E2E tests for components, and deploying components to test and production environments.

This course will cover basics of data visualization with a focus on implementation in Tableau.

On the first day, we will cover an introduction to Tableau, how, when and why to use different visualizations, and how to best represent (and avoid misrepresenting) data.

Each day will feature hands-on case studies in Tableau with real data.

This course will give students a working overview of Docker and containers.You will learn how to create Angular Components, Services and Pipes and how to design your application to take advantage of Angular's front-end architecture.You will also learn Angular testing techniques so you can test your code while creating your application.I also get too easily distracted at home, so I spent most of my evenings (and many weekends) working on homework in the classroom.Interestingly, this caused one of the tech startup companies at Rev1 to notice me and drop by to talk to me a couple of days before matchmaking.Tech Elevator is an immersive 14-week coding bootcamp with tracks in Java and . Their mission is to elevate people, companies and communities. For the final capstone project, students will work together on a business project, building a fully-functional app using either Java or . In addition to the classroom hours, students will get 20 hours of career sessions through the Pathway Programâ„¢, which focuses on developing soft skills and connecting you to the right companies.

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