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However, it was also sometimes known as The Valentine State, based on the fact that it was admitted on Valentine's Day.It's not surprising that the success of copper mining the state means that it is occasionally known as the Copper State.

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The "Gold" was changed to "Golden" by 1867, and since then the state has been known as The Golden State, which became the state's official nickname in 1968 (appearing also on licence plates).

California's state flower is the Golden Poppy, which has led some to assume that it is from this which the state gets its nickname whereas in reality it is much more likely that the state flower was chosen because of the "golden" reference.

However, a number of states have officially added a nickname to their licence plates (either as an option, or as an obligation under the legislation) even though the nickname is not recognised separately as a "state symbol".

The table shows all those that I've been able to research.

It then tried for Treasure State, but Montana wanted that.

Its high elevation has led to the state occasionally being known as the Mile-high State (although that's an epithet now reserved for Denver, the "Mile High City") and the Highest State, its great beauty produced Colorful Colorado, and the many roaming bison herds led to The Buffalo Plains State.

I haven't included slogans or state mottos (which sometimes get mixed up with nicknames), and it's important to note that some nicknames were never widely adopted, having sometimes only appeared in one or two places.

I have used numerous reference sources for this research, although I don't include them individually here as this page is already rather long. Not surprisingly there are often conflicts between sources when it comes to details, and I've tried to express this in the text.

Every US state has a nickname (or two, or more), but not all American states have official nicknames.

By "official" I mean a nickname that has been formally adopted as a "state symbol" by the state's legislature, rather than one that is just in common use.

However, Alaska is more commonly (but unofficially) known as The Last Frontier, or The Land of the Midnight Sun.

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