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You will need to let your primed pieces completely dry and cure before you move to the next step.Zinsser recommends 7 days; other brands may recommend a different length of time.

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What with all the beautiful colors of the leaves before they float gently to the ground. I learned long ago, do not get a piece of furniture with a pattern.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve Googled the following search terms:“Painting laminate furniture”“How do I paint laminate? ”“Why won’t someone tell me how to paint this piece of laminate furniture????? The piece is very heavy and solid, so it’s a nice piece of furniture despite it being covered in laminate.2.

Your pieces will be dry to the touch within a few hours, but they will not be scratch resistant until the primer is fully hardened. If you wait the recommended amount of time, your paint job won’t scratch easily.6. Using a foam roller and foam brush, I painted two coats of paint on my pieces, allowing each to dry overnight before I applied the second coat.

I chose an interior eggshell sheen for my paint, which is in between flat and semi-gloss.

Here, the left side was sanded and the right side wasn’t.

The difference in the way the primer laid down is truly remarkable.

The sanding will be much easier if you use a palm sander (they are about at home improvement stores if you don’t have one).

You will need to hand sand any areas you can’t reach with the sander.

Sand until you start to see little white flecks on the furniture and the shine of the laminate is removed.

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