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The ''Gli EVEMJl D" Hatomati G fleetylene Gas Generator THE HARRIS MFG.

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UNIVERSITY OF SOOKSTACKS Digitized by tlie Internet Arcliive in 2014 Iittps:// / IE ^MING LIGHT! The construction i the machine is such that it is a physical impossibility to generate suflacient gas to prod ace a iter pressure than is needed for its normal operation. The Acetylene Generator Manufacturing Co., 107 BELL BLOCK, • ■ • .

The Bccklight THE ONLY SAFE AND orrcct Proccsf of Generating Acetylene Gas. For the same capacity the generator aly one- tenth the size of other generators.

the cut we present to the public an apparatus of unusual merit.

As will be seen, the Carbide is in a separate com- tment and a distance above the water receptacle.

Automatically a small quantity falls into water below, and as the gas is liberated from the Carbide by its contact with the water, the ht pressure produced by the gas inflates the gasometer, and automatically shuts off the feed arbide until the gas in the gasometer is let off through the service- pipes and used, and then iitomatically drops another small quantity, and repeats the operation indefinitely until you nguish the light by turning the gas off at the burner, when it automatically closes the feed il you use the gas again.

The turning off of your burner will arrest the feed, and turning it lutomatically start it ; therefore it is plain that when no Carbide is fed there can be no gen - ion of gas.

and uniform pressure machine at all times, action of every par- le of gas in the Car- le. No i)olymerization, which decomposes Acetylene and produces bad effects.

It is extreme- ly simple, and as certain of operating as the fact that water runs down hill. " Our Gasometer has no labor to perform, thus insuring at all times the same even pressure — a feature seldom found. There is no chance to forget to drain this plug or that vent, as all pipes are self-drain- ing to the condensing chamber. Our Gasometers for same rated capacity are the largest on the market, and will hold a large supply. The points of the little valves may be forced up through the little hole where the gas is liberated from the rear, remov- ing any obstruction without being obliged to extinguish the whole flame.

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