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I'm not invited to Thanksgiving anymore, and I shouldn't expect any more calls. I mean, I knew this would happen if she found out; that's why for years we all just didn't mention anything like that around her.

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He told me my dad was the one who told my grandma about my living situation, and that he'd been told not to tell me but that he couldn't watch them gloat over how I was moping anymore.

He also revealed to me that it's all because they're STILL salty about a tattoo I got a long time ago (age 19) against their wishes.

She got a $15k “mommy makeover” that included a boob job, tummy tuck, and some lipo.

The recovery was pretty intense so her mother came and stayed with us for 6 weeks after that.

We come from different cultures and still we have from time to time issues regarding my outsider status and me being quite direct person (to what is acceptable for a woman in their eyes). So what we though to be a family trip apparently had other intentions because holy shit. I was raised in the church and didn't ever attend a non-Catholic school until college.

I keep finding black magic crap they have brought into my house. I ended up leaving the church and living a pretty secular life, during which time I met my boyfriend [26M].

Fantastic marriage, but the last year or so things have gotten bad.

We have twin 12 month olds and a 3 year old, so very demanding.

We both try to please our families as much as possible since we are far away from them and love them. I want to give him a couple of days before trying to talk about it again.

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