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i do have lots of other skills ,may be if you get to know me you may find out what they are.(LOL) ok thats it for now as i think of crap to fill this space i add more. Ken-Do STAshleysizzling Brought to the world without the presence of my father coz when i was in my mother my father died because of heart attack,now im 23 years old. pm) Religion : Christian (Baptist Denomination) Qualifications : (1)1996 2001, B. (Berean Baptist Bible College & Seminary , Bangalore, India) (2)2001 2002, B. I'm sure there's value to this site on its own merits. I love to Paint, draw, write poetry and songs and stories.

I am a staind glass artist ,and enjoy hearing what you all think of what i do . AND YOU HAVE YOUR PROFILE SET TO FRIENDS SO I CAN'T SEE YOUR PAGE I WILL BLOCK YOU , BECAUSE IF I CAN'T SEE YOUR YOU CAN'T SEE MINE.

There's a girl out in my town, that i love, but no need to push it. MUCH LOVE PEACE OUT Music, computers, clothing, creative shit,also stand up comedy mofo~full Figured And Beautiful~Get Your Own!

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%%% ..%%%-( .._%%%_/ _%%%% _%%%/..\* %%%%%\\.\__ %%%%\.\\ Dont find love .)./\_/ ../(___. Tv shows on dvd, video games, cooking, drinking, partying, chillin, bathing, sex, anything else? If you want me to add you to my friends list you''Must"" take the time to send me a message and tell me why you want to be added.

I have a full time job and no children, want to know anything else hit me up! Horror, comedy, almost any type of movie except si-fi, western, musical Kendo416OK lets get this on the table.

I Gypsy Queen Lilith People look at me and see many different things. If you treat me like shit I will treat you even worse. I have a very difficult time gettin Tenacious TYou're the hopeless angel. I am a 38 year old mother of three, A boy that's 18, he's just like me when I was his age, a girl that is 13, a true people love Begoodtoyoursoul Oceans are beautiful. i`m a happy go lady i like haven fun and shopping and going to the club and whatever else ..

They love to judge me on my appearance and my past. I dont judge anyone on how they look or what theyve done in their past. You've been broken down, hurt, and ridiculed everytime you've tried to make the best of things and you just don't see any point in trying anymore. You wish that the world was a better place but you've given up hope in trying to change it. Even though you do care a little about what others think and like making a good impression, you don't care about people in general much anymore and you think that we're all better off in giving up trying! i love shooting pool and watching football games !!!! :} i`m going to go thanks for reading my page love ; Renea The Bionic Hi world my name is Matt.

Dj Hunter Ncdeerhunter88just your typical 21 year old.. If you do nothing else please take the time to look at my art work pic..

Actually I visited one dating site which gives great service and I need to know some tips related to it. if you have sent me a request with out a message ,i will not respond ,sorry i am the type of person who will do anything for a friend.

1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 4000 4025 4050 4075 4100 4125 4150 4175 4200 4225 4226 4227 4228 4229 4230 4231 4232 4233 4234 4235 4236 4237 4238 4239 4240 4241 4242 4243 4244 4245 4246 4247 4248 4249 4250 4275 4300 4325 4350 4375 4400 4425 4450 4475 4500 5000 5500 6000 6500 7000 7500 8000 8500 9000 9500 10000 10500 10834 Texasmoonangelxx Hi there! im a girl that wants a foreign man that loves me as i love him and treats me as i treats him wherever i go and what ever i do i want to be with him i believe that everything happens for a reason. Div.(Berean Baptist Bible College & Seminary, Bangalore, India) (3)2003 2003, M. (Berean Baptist Bible College & Seminary, Bangalore, India) (4)2003 2004, M. (Berean Baptist Bible College & Seminary, Bangalore, India)Amaskedavenger I am 35 and slightly oh hell im a short-round. I am a typical guy which means all women are a welcoming sight, and I dont turn any of them away. I am just a fun loving person anything and everything within reason Katiesweets Ive recently understood a few things, I'm hard headed, I want to do things my way, its hard to teach me things about life, however, when I learn, my hard head retains the lesson quite well, shuts it up and locks it away to butt heads with later. Maziline Dreamer So I decided it was time to make this a little more detailed for those of you who actually read these and want to know about me. I am so sick of assholes sending me messages and shit saying "I want you to suck my cock and swallow my cum" or "What color panties are you wearing? You don't need to know what color my under garments are and NO! I love to be random but at the same time I do like to indulge myself in civilize^uyraell^Very widely read, well educated, and somewhat Edwardian in Manner, though far from being as cold as that era, interpersonally.

i'm just a normal woman born n bred in Texas who loves romance comedy n horror movies, loves writing poetry, walks in the moonlight, great music of all genres, my family n most of all My Saviour! I just do what i want its not about what people are saying, its about me. I use the paragraph on the back, it tells you what the story is about. 1976 Place of Birth : Kansau (A) Village, Cikha Township, Chin State, Myanmar Marital Status : Married to Lian Sian Lun, on May 10, 2004 (At Emmanuel Baptist Church, Kalaymyo, Myanmar) Children: 1. Thang Go Khup (Born on March 4, 2005, Friday pm) 2. I have good morals, good values, my own collection of my own views which are still counting everyday. Let me start off with one thing that really, really annoys me. I do not want to suck your dick or know how big it is or anything involving it or you. The second you do anything I find out of line, I swear to God I will block you. Multilingual, though it usually emerges when I'm very fatigued.

Stephaniemy name is Stephanie I live in North Carolina, in a small boring town, in the woods, and I love every bit of it.

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