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But then on valetines day he didn't even send me a msg or anything after telling me he would change, so I broke up with him.He told me didn't wanna break up with me because he didn't wanna break my heart, but I don't understand why he fought for me the 1st time I broke up with him, why ddnt he just tell me the truth?

I expect they probably interpret it for themselves simply as ‘I felt out of my depth’, ‘It was getting too serious’ or just a general feeling of unease which they can’t quite put their finger on.

If you’ve ever been disappeared on or rejected by a guy just have a think about whether that they guy may actually have been intimidated about how amazing and successful you were. The obvious answer is that us confident successful woman need to seek out men who are at least as confident and successful as us.

I recently read about a example of this type of situation on the 30 Dates blog.

It’s only recently, after watching many Matthew Hussey videos and talking to Petra Kreatschman and another relationship coach, that I’ve realised what the root of the problem may be.

I’m not a man myself, so it isn’t something that had even occurred to me until I learnt it from Matthew Hussey.

I now realise the male psyche is wired with the need to feel that they are being manly and powerful in their ability to provide for and protect a woman.

If you’re a successful, confident woman then here is my theory about what may have happened.

The guy’s perspective In Miss29’s eyes, this guy was perfect.

I'm so confused and so hurt, how can sum1 that cared for you so much just stop caring?

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