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Explanation: The home inspection is not required but is highly recommended.This allows the buyer to evaluate the home for any problems.If the agreements is not legally recorded it must be disclosed by the seller to the buyer by this date.

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If the physical condition of the Property or Inclusions is unsatisfactory in Buyer's subjective discretion, Buyer shall, on or before Inspection Objection Deadline (§ 2c): Explanation: If buyer chooses to have an inspection done on the property, the buyer must object to any unacceptable findings of the inspection on or before this date.

An inspection may reveal issues with the property that are unsatisfactory to the buyer.

If any problems exist and the buyer is still interested in the home, cost estimates should be received to better evaluate the need for further negotiation.

"(1) a copy of any plats, declarations, covenants, conditions and restrictions burdening the Property, and (2) if a title insurance commitment is required to be furnished.

Buyer shall have the right to inspect the Property to determine if any third party has any right in the Property not shown by the public records (such as an unrecorded easement, unrecorded lease, or boundary line discrepancy)." Explanation: Any documents or issues known by the seller but not in the public record must be disclosed by this date.

An example of this would be any type of oral agreement between neighbors or friends to allow the use of land or property.

Responsible Party: Seller Date Range : Same as Title Deadline Contract Section: 8b Contract Language: "Matters not Shown by the Public Records.

Seller shall deliver to Buyer, on or before Off-Record Matters Deadline (§ 2c) true copies of all leases and surveys in Seller's possession pertaining to the Property and shall disclose to Buyer all easements, liens (including, without limitation, governmental improvements approved, but not yet installed) or other title matters (including, without limitation, rights of first refusal, and options) not shown by the public records of which Seller has actual knowledge.

If the buyer finds problems or concerns with the information in these documents, written notice of the unsatisfactory provision(s) must be presented to Seller on or before this date. Buyer shall have the right to inspect the Title Documents.

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