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As a remake of a 1997 Japan-exclusive dungeon crawler for the Sega Saturn, Soul Hackers perhaps sticks out as an underdog on this list, but it's one of our very favourite 'deep cuts' in the 3DS' RPG library.Soul Hackers shines with a crushingly cool, late-nite cyberpunk style, captivating characters, and a darkly twisting narrative that starts strong and never lets up.

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A truly epic game, Dragon Quest VII delivers literal world-building as its heroes dive back in time to return lost islands to the present day, filling out an initially bare world map as they learn more of each island's fate in conveniently sized vignettes.

Captivating and charming throughout, old-school RPG fans will be in heaven here.

Rune Factory 4 is a masterpiece of its own particular sub-genre that sees you tilling and defending the land in equal measure, as you plant crops, romance villagers, and fend off monsters to keep your newly adopted Kingdom of Norad safe and thriving.

It's one of the most fully engrossing experiences we've had the pleasure of diving into on the 3DS, with a dizzying array of things to enjoy and a wonderfully inviting world in which to enjoy them, and it's all full to the brim with bucolic charm. Level 5's answer to the monster-collecting craze, this family-friendly adventure sees you guiding a young protagonist through a Saturday morning storyline as they meet, befriend, and battle eccentric and often unhinged spirits from Japanese folklore.

As the 3DS's sixth year in the world draws to a close, we can already look back on its impressively varied library with wonder; along with plenty of standout platformers, life sims, rhythm games, and puzzlers, it's also carved out a particular niche by delivering an almost non-stop barrage of first class RPGs.

Responsible for plenty of late-night gaming sessions and many players' most embarrassingly long Activity Log entries, the 3DS' proud stable of RPGs is a huge part of the system's appeal, and its legacy is worth celebrating.

No list of portable RPGs would be complete without an appearance by Pikachu and pals, and while the 3DS had already been blessed with two 'generations' of Pokémon games — X/Y and Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire — Game Freak saved the best for last with Pokémon Sun and Moon.

These late-breaking monster-collecting adventures shine thanks to a gorgeous new Hawai'ian-inspired setting, polished presentation, and fresh takes on familiar species.

It retains complexifying systems from older Shin Megami Tensei games — including varying demon loyalty and alignment, moon phase effects, and limited dungeon-crawling stamina — but balances these out with user-friendly, on-theme 'hacks' that let you customize the experience to suit your play style.

Surprisingly accessible and appealingly old-school all at once, Soul Hackers is a real treat for RPG junkies.

It's widely known that there is a problem with most licensed video games. This is not always the case, though, especially for long established franchises that do not impose any unrealistic release dates tied to another work's release.

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