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It's just a breeding ground for terrible dating habits/expectations. But New Portland is a confusing mess of insecurities. The reality is there is no one 'shining knight' or 'princess' for you.I have such a hard time finding a woman that wants to actually date. Like, that kind where you're always together, even if you're just watching tv. I mean, easy sex is nice, but I'd prefer to get to know people via social interaction. There are a number of people you probably could stay with the rest of your life - with each with different tradeoffs. Be a genuinely decent person who can hold a decent conversation. :) You'll also build those positive experiences with others that make them want to date you, which is very difficult (but not impossible) to do via online dating.

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I'm personally only interested in gals that are happy with themselves and their accomplishments and don't need me to augment that. They spend some of the extra non-career time at the gym/ Sephora.

As long as it's clear they're not already married to their career, it feels a lot healthier too. Often, women who are 8-9-10s have found that they can get what they want/need without career or academic accomplishments. Many women with their own successful happy careers spent a little less time at the gym/blow out bar.

Avoid these like the plague unless you like hooking up with someone that'll bleed you dry with their 'great ideas'. Some people say they have their own business when they're really just playing the gig economy and made 'brand' of themselves. I'll use every fancy catch-phrase in the book. Basically, they latch on to anyone making money and bleed them dry while spouting buzzwords.

Tip: Ask them how many of them made money or lasted more than 2 years (the length it takes for a terrible idea to go bankrupt) and how much of their funding came from family. Likely they have a second job - you know - like Starbucks because they need a dental plan. I've moved here and am completely self-dilusional about what being a 'business' person is. Often they brand themselves and 'business accellerators', 'consultants', etc.

I was basically diagnosed with a lifetime of being fat which makes dating so much harder and I don't have the energy for it to begin with. Functional drug addictions and serious personality disorders top my list. I was always passed over in my 20's, but flip forward to 40's and for some reason, I'm some kind of bronzed Adonis with ladies lined up. At 40 now, I've stopped dating in town and had MUCH better luck dating from the burbs around it. I've never had a bad date, and in general, I have no expectations and I just up making friends if it doesn't work out. These aren't Portland problems: These are YOU problems End rant. Makes me cringe wondering if I had the misfortune of meeting any of these people. There's also not a lot of infrastructure compared to other cities.

At 40 now, I've stopped dating in town and had MUCH better luck dating from the burbs around it. At least they're sane and those suburban housewife types have a solid decade of sexual tension and are not prudish about jumping in the saddle. I'm in my late 40s, and in good shape, but I'm not white.. I heard that the two groups of people who have the hardest time online dating is asian men and black women. I know a guy in Seattle who runs a business for single professionals.

I have a professional job and work a lot to remain successful at it so it leaves me with little free time to find other like-minded professionals. I read his post quickly, saw your post, and was really confused.

When I do have time I try to get out of the city and detox my mind in the mountains or the ocean and the last thing I want to do is bring someone else along I barely know. Their style sure wasn't my style, but I didn't care so much.

This is aiming to be a general discussion about dating in Portland, and the general dating scene. If you date them, be prepared to see them about 2.8 hours per week between freaking out about how to make next month's payroll and that flight to Dallas to line up the next client. Is that some requirement for being a generic female in Portland? You can't throw a rock in this city without hitting one.

Translation #4 - They actually own their own business and make a living by it.

The whole "Netflix and Chill" thing after the first date is a strange phenomena that's been trending because of things like Tinder, which I really don't agree with (lets find random strangers to bang, without knowing what kind of VD's they could possibly have, and aren't willing to share for the sake of getting laid). So you just go on serial dates until you burn out, become so picky you can't settle down, or just go from sex to sex until you're bored.

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