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If you want to create a new look for yourself, the best way to get started is with a long makeover!

While you cleanse your face and smooth out your skin and clean your pores, you can decide exactl...

I didn't know that stylicious was a word, but the fashion world is changing so often that it's impossible to keep up with it all!

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It's hard to get that sparkly look without pouring on a ton of glitter, and I don't know if you've ever applied glitter, but it's really a waste of time, and it's impossible to get off! This Valentine's Day Alex is treating Arielle to a beautiful day spa.

Hopefully he's going to talk her into taking the day off so they can take a day off to have a couple's massage and then go bac...

The easiest job in the world is a job as a look-a-like!

But it's so difficult for this fashion junkie to give up all of her colorful accessories, bags, and leggings for the pink fashion world of B...

Barbie is queen of the winds, and as the super powered goddess of the breezes, she's here to bring the sky down to an appropriate level.

Find and harness that power to build a wind powered sewing ... While visiting her dorm room she saw that everything was dirty, will you help her clean it up?Vacuum the dust, fix the walls, throw out the trash to mak...This is the story of a young girl in love with fashion who is preparing for her amazing wedding day.Since she was a little girl she dreamed about having one unique wedding look. She's young and fabulous, but she can't stop dressing up in the cutest way possible.These two girls really enjoy dressing up with the punk fashion style.

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