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The following chart provides the dates when the New Testament books were written.

dating the new testament books-84

“ If Luke was written by 60 AD, then Mark and Matthew must have been written in the mid-to-late 50s if not earlier. Because Luke says that he got his facts by checking with eyewitness sources (See Luke 1:1-4).

Even non-Christian scholars would agree that Paul wrote 1 Corinthians and that it was composed in 55 AD.

The content of James is very strictly Jewish, and some have noted that if verses 1:1 and 2:1 were removed, the book could almost (though not quite) pass as a sermon from a non-Christian Jew.

Certainly there is no evidence of any break between Judaism and Christianity.

Within the New Testament, the salutation used in both passages is unique to James (author to recipients: greetings Acts , James 1:1).

Compare also Acts with James 2:5, Acts with James 2:7, Acts with James .

The problem is that the destruction of the temple in 70 AD is not mentioned anywhere in the New Testament books.

Jesus Christ prophesies this, yet there is no mention of its fulfillment.

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Only the brief books of Jude and 2 John were not referenced, but they certainly had to have been written (Jude, being Jesus’ half-brother, was almost certainly dead by 100 AD and 2 John would have to be written because it came before 3 John, which is quoted by the church fathers.).

Acts ends with Paul under house arrest in Rome and there’s no mention of James having died.

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